Adult Links Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory, and former British colony, in southeastern China. Its vibrant, densely populated urban centre is a major port and global financial hub with a skyscraper-studded skyline. Central Hong Kong features several architectural landmarks like I.M. Pei’s Bank of China Tower. Hong Kong is also a major shopping destination, famed for bespoke tailors and Temple Street Night Market. You want straight forward sex in Hong Kong, you can have it. You want cuddles and kissing and a GFE, you can have that too. Restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs, night clubs, women, lady boys…. You name it, you can find them.

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No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached or as the name suggests is exactly what it means. So if you want to meet a women who does not attach a string to you and make you her boyfriend the first day you sleep with her, then… this is for you. It is a foregone conclusion that the only reason you want to be on this site is you want sex! End of Story! No, not really the end of the post. There is more.

If you got other ideas about or you have different expectations, good luck! Or I should say you will have better luck with Adult Friend Finder about which I have written in the Adult Friend Finder post and described the extensive search facility in the AFF Search Post. So what exactly is No Strings Attached? In a world that there is so much focus that one should have only one partner and bla bla bla… No Strings Attached caters to both single and attached individuals looking for discreet romance and casual sex. Some say both online and in person but to hell with the online sex part… doesn’t do it for me! You want online sex… just go watch a free porn site!

It is an ideal site for discreet romance and sex especially if you want to be discreet. It caters mainly for attached people of both sexes… or should I say for all sexes (before a group of Transsexuals jump up and down shouting what about us!). Yes, you are welcome to my friends!

Again, very similar to Adult Friend Finder, No Strings attached also has been known for a very long time and if you are a frequent traveler or travel to multiple cities, comes in pretty handy. You can use it on your travels and you can use it back home.

Possibilities are endless on No Strings Attached membership is also quite widespread. Having said that It is just for sex…. I may be quite as well wrong! Do not be surprised if you find people who are more interested in discreet Romance than just sex. Although for some people, Discreet Romance means Sex! Sleeping on the same bad means having sex! Going to one’s room means having sex! Idots! All depends on what you will offer and what you expect. Not cash but in kind!

You have the ability to build a very comprehensive profile in just like you can do in and have full control on what information you give on the profile. It is also the same with another site called which I will talk about in another post. This flexibility is important for an individual. Information in respect of your lifestyle, interests, sexual aspirations and sexual preferences can be given. It is important to write a good profile as they would be the key to your success on You can upload multiple photos that could be even nude. If you are more keen on uploading explicit photos, I would recommend you do at Adult Friend Finder.

The search possibilities on are endless. No Strings Attached has a funky map banner and if that is working well, you should see a map of your area below with mini photos of the funky looking women searching for an affair!

Or as we all like to do…. Search. Unlike in, Search facility is a bit simpler and some search criteria are only available for paid members. As much as you search you can also receive automated matches on a periodic basis. Well which site does not have automated emails these days, even offering some so called valuable life tips that are totally unrelated and just plain bullshit!

It is obvious that males have to pay! Male members do have to pay to upgrade their subscription. Male members upgrade in order to reply to messages they receive from females. This is how the world works so get over it! There is no absolute guarantee that every single profile is a genuine profile. No site can guarantee that. However, the possibility of fake profiles is much less but one must take care and responsibility for his or her on actions. It is fundamental that you DO NOT give all your personal details in one go and this applies to all websites however much the site will boast of its own security.

I listed down some of the search criteria that I found. By the way asks you if you are man or women and nothing in-between! Some of the search criteria are only allowed for VIP members. VIP… a very loosely used term these days. VIP…. a very important person. Well, if you pay you are important.

  • Looking for: Men, Women (very simple).
  • Relationship status: Attached, Single (you can select both)
  • Interested in: Short Term Relationship, Virtual Encounters (you can select both)
  • Distance from a specific city/country
  • Age: (You can select from 18 to 99)
  • Has Children: Yes/No
  • Ethnicity : Hispanic, Asian, Black, Caucasian, Other
  • Body type: Average, Large, Slim
  • Height: Short, Tall, Average (very limited selection)
  • Eye color: Black, Brown, Blue, Hazel, Green, Gray
  • Hair color: Black, Blonde, Brown, Grey, Red/Auburn, Salt and Pepper, White, Brown/Green/Pink Other Hair (seems like they are a bit more uptodate but forgot blue, purple, aqua…. very soon they might have hair colour mixing centers like the dulux colour mixing centers!)
  • Hair length: Long, Medium, Short, Crewcut, Shaved, Receding, Bald (seems to be bit out of date and interestingly… long hair is in fashion)
  • Drinking: Does not Drink at all, Drinks Often, Light/Social Drinker
  • Smoking: Non-smoker, Light/social smoker, Regular smoker
  • Drugs: Don’t use drugs, Use Drugs Occasionally, Use Drugs Regularly (and I would have expected this question not to be asked. If this is a global site, they need to be accountable for what questions are asked – in short for some countries the question means are you breaking the law – no, a little bit, regularly!)
  • Language(s): Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Swedish, German, Tagalog, Italian (this gave me some indication of what the target market is and especially the fact that Chinese is at the top)
  • Education: High school, Post Grad, College
  • Religion: Agnostic, Muslim, Pagan, Atheist, Jewish, Buddhist/Taoist, Muslim, Pagan, Protestant, Catholic, Christian, Other, Hindu, Christian