About the Sydney Adult Photographer

About me

I am Sam. Based in Sydney, I am a photographer specializing in adult photography from Lingerie, Artistic nudes, Gothic, Fetish to more erotic activities and alternate lifestyles. In other words, all aspects of Adult Photography.

My Knowledge and Limits

I do beautiful tasteful artistic studio photo shoots to those more erotic and possibly not so tasteful to some! I clearly differentiate between artistic nudes and more erotic or explicit photo shoots.

My wide knowledge on erotic activities and lifestyles combined with experience as a photographer and great passion for what I do, gives me the ability to understand each individual’s needs, however simple or complex. I accept all genders, sexual orientations, sexual tastes, fantasies and will cater for all! However, I keep to what is legal. This also means no under 18s and no drugs.

I will not Photograph anyone who is:

  • under 18 years or in the presence of anyone under 18 years
  • intoxicated - having consumed excessive alcohol
  • without consent or does not communicate sensibly
  • in the nude with animals

I welcome females, males couples, groups, crossdressers, Transsexuals (or anyone else I have missed in the list!).

You can be 18 to 80! If this is what you like to have done, lets do it! You don’t have to be a slim size 10 to be in a photo shoot! Each individual is different and I cater for all. I will not accept anyone under 18 years even under the cover of Art!

  • Ladies, surprise your partner with a sensual photo shoot
  • Models - build-up your portfolio
  • Studio Photo shoot
  • Escort Photo shoot
  • Like to try something new in the adult world? How about an Adult Photo Shoot
  • Couples - celebrate your life, keep memories of those special moments
  • Profile photos for Dating or Adult Dating sites
  • Capture those explicit moments on Camera or VIDEO
  • 'on the move' shoots at houses, gardens, hotels, cars, beaches, bush, dungeon.... anywhere you like!
  • Gothic or Fetish looks photographs and Video
  • Pornographic photos and VIDEO shoots for anyone 18+
  • Adult Products and Services
  • Swingers, Fetish, Bondage, Gang Bang party Photographed!

What will it Cost

I do both indoor (including studio) and outdoor photography and photo shoots vary in time depending on the requirement. Most photo shoots would be under 2 hours. My charges are very minimal and a selected number of photo shoots are FREE.

I provide you with a set of Digital images and can arrange to have them confidentially printed for an extra charge. I usually work in the city and western suburbs of Sydney however, can travel depending on the requirement.

Photo Locations

Not every photo shoot needs a studio and not every photo shoot is suited for a studio. The location is simply your choice based on what you need to do! Some like it in their own home, no matter how small or shabby! Some choose a hotel, a park, the beach, a dungeon, under the bridge…. the possibilities are endless! Photo shoots can be arranged at a studio if the style you are after requires one.

You will no doubt realise from some of my samples that the photo shoots have been done in terrible environments! Well…. That’s a personal preference. Some of my locations are very restricted such that I have hardly enough room to move, leave alone placing lighting, yet, there is no place in the world my camera cant get to!

Page contains adult images. Do not proceed if you are under 18 years of age